Apex Subscription Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest subscription agency in India. We are specialised in providing subscription services to the libraries in the areas of Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medical, Defence, Research etc.

Our unique services to Libraries

  1. Our unique services to Libraries:

    1. Authorized subscription agents for almost all the publishers in India and overseas.

    2. One point contact (our Agency) for subscription requirement of all your journals (Indian & International).

    3. Committed to guaranteed supply of journals, as no compromise in services.

    4. Advance information to Libraries about journals sent by Courier // Registered Post etc. thus, incase non receipt of the parcel, can immediately contact us remedial action.

    5. Hand Delivery services wherever feasible.

    6. In case of any journal//s

    7. (a) having delay publication

    8. (b) unreliable supply from publishers etc. accordingly shown in our "Remarks" column of quotation // pro forma invoice, so that you can take a correct decision accordingly.

    9. Special offer prices for specific combination // bunch of journals.

    10. Timely settlement of claims for missing issues (if any).

    11. We make sure you get your publications reach on time.

    12. Immediate response to your emails and telephone calls.

    13. Consolidated invoices in Single Currency (Indian Rupees).

    14. Tie up with more than 1,000 publisher's worldwide.

    15. More than 11,000 journals in database.

    16. We can help you make balanced selection of Journals.

    17. Speedy processing of orders.