Pinnacle Students Research Journal - SIBACA
Product Type : Journal
Source : National
Published : Imperial Publications
Frequency : Half-Yearly
Print ISSN NO : 2454-5341
Description : At Sinhgad Institute Of Business Administration & Computer Application (SIBACA) Lonavala. We firmly believe that the management education will become relevant for business only when the academics are reinforced with substantial amount of research. Sinhgad Institutes being one of the premier organizations in western part of the country imparting education in almost all fields from primary to tertiary level considers it as a social responsibility to provide best of the education to the students with a focus on their overall development so that they become better citizens tomorrow. In pursuit of excellence, this is a small endeavor through which the MBA students at SIBACA get an opportunity to not only develop an insight into the academic research but also sharpen and show their skills to contribute in the research process of the country. I am proud to record that SIBACA faculty members and students have taken enormous pains to bring out this issue of PINNACLE STUDENTS RESEARCH JOURNAL SIBACA to embark upon a journey which shall have miles to go.

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